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14th January 2021

What a fantastic first week back at Nursery after 3 weeks off for Christmas. We have been so impressed with how well you have all settled back in. It is lovely to see you all again and so nice to hear you chatting to your friends about what you did during your time off.
Our story this week has been Goldilocks and the three bears. A few children were already familiar with the story so were an amazing help in telling the story to their friends. We have also been pretending to make porridge with different sized spoons and bowls. The children have enjoyed colouring and sticking to create their own teddy bears. All the children were super at pointing out who was the big bear, small bear and tiny bear.
We have also had a wet play day this week so had to spend some time in the hall. The children were identifying colours and using the stepping stones to find the colour.
Well done to you all this week. Again, your have been super stars!
Pre school
Pre-School have had such a fantastic first week back, it’s been lovely to hear about what you have been getting up to over the Christmas break! We are so glad to have you back and we are glad you have enjoyed the week just as much as we have.
We have been looking at the story of Goldilocks this week and have enjoyed playing in the frosty garden, as well as having fun when we had wet play in the hall. Well done for doing so well this week and we can’t wait to see you next week! Have a lovely weekend!


10th December 2021

Pre school

Pre-School have been absolute superstars this week in preparing for our Nativity next week. We cannot wait to show all our families what we've been working on! We've also been doing lots of creative Christmas work - from building a class Christmas tree to designing our own Christmas jumpers. The children have particularly enjoyed practicing their cutting skills and mark making using a variety of tools. We've also been working really hard on trying to write our names. 

 Our focus story, the Jolly Postman has been a big talking point amongst the Pre-School children. Each day we've been looking at the characters from the story in a little more detail; Cinderella and Goldilocks have certainly captured the children's interest!

 Outdoors, Pre-School have been using the beams, tyres and stands to create different obstacle courses and have had lots of fun exploring the concept of floating and sinking in warm, bubbly water! We've also had a little robin visit the Pre-School classroom regularly this week and we've been talking about what he or she might be doing. Some of the children suggested the Robin would have been looking for food, and others suggested it was looking for presents from Father Christmas!

 Have a wonderful weekend, Pre-School, and we can't wait to see you next week for more Christmas fun!


What another great week at nursery!

This week we have continued reading ‘The Jolly Postman’. The children have enjoyed getting to know the characters in the story and have been recreating the stories by using different resources to support their learning. We used oats and rice crispies to make the 3 bears porridge, we had a picnic with red riding hood and we went on a treasure hunt to find Jack's beanstalk and his magic beans.

As we are nearing Christmas, the children have loved decorating the room with their baubles, snowflakes and Christmas pictures which are all very sparkly!

We have also been practicing for our nativity. The songs and actions are coming along well! We have enjoyed dancing and singing along and can’t wait to show our families our Christmas costumes.

One more week to go until our well deserved Christmas break. Have a lovely weekend! See you next week for lots of Christmas fun!


3rd December 2021


Wow, what another fantastic week in nursery! We can't believe we have reached December already!

This week we started our new story 'The Jolly Postman'. The children have painted and decorated a post box which we have been posting our own pictures and letters into, ready to send to Father Christmas. We have also been developing our fine motor skills and practicing using scissors to cut out stamps to stick to our letters. Our role play area has turned into a post office and children have been making parcels and letters and have been delivering them to their friends around the rooms. Some of the children have also been using scales to weigh the parcels, which were "too heavy" and "too light". In our small word area, we have made jolly postman puppets where the children have been making beds and houses for the puppets to go into, similar to what they have seen in the story. 

 The children made a fantastic tree advent calendar for the countdown to Christmas. Each child decorated their own bauble to go on our tree. They look amazing! The children also wanted to make big baubles with lots of glitter and sequins. 

Outside this week the children have enjoyed building different structures to role balls down and see how far they would go. We have also enjoyed building obstacle courses and practicing our balancing skills using the green boxes, balance boards, hoops and tyres. 

Well done Nursery. See you all next week for another great week!

Pre school

In pre-school this week, we have really enjoyed writing our letters to Santa and painting our class postbox! We have talked about what a postman does and have used our postbox to post our letters to Santa, along with cards for our friends throughout the school. The children have loved dressing up as "people who help us" too! Pre-school have enjoyed practicing our songs for our Christmas show and using our fantastic cutting skills to make Christmas puppets. Our book focus this week has been “The Jolly Postman”, which the children have loved exploring further through our continuous provision. Well done pre-school for a fabulous week, not long to go until a well earned Christmas break! Keep going with your fantastic learning!


19th November 2021

Pre school

To celebrate anti-bullying week, the children have loved showing off their odd socks and developing their understanding of our word of the week, different. We have been reading lots of stories about diversity such as "All Families Are Different" and have enjoyed sharing our family photos; pre-school have even retold their own stories throughout their play!

We finished the week off celebrating Children in Need and the children have been dressing up and colouring in their own Pudsey pictures! We are so proud of the children in pre-school and everything they have achieved so far. Well done everyone, we can’t wait to see you again on Monday!


This week in nursery we had been exploring different activities which have been really fun!

It was really lovely to see so many of you in your odd socks on Monday. We enjoyed reading the story called "Sock monster" and explored how we are all different, and it's okay to be who we are.

Thank you to everyone who brought in such lovely photos of your families, we all showed our friends and learnt about each other's. We were really interested in making different houses with a range of materials to make windows, doors and a roof. We then role played with little people in houses we built which was really nice to see.

 We also have  been focusing on two different emotions this week; happy and sad. We made our own faces with chalk in the tuff tray and outside on the playground. 

On Friday we have a great day celebrating Children In Need. Well done everyone for dressing up! We created our own colourful bears with glue and yellow pieces of paper and made Pudsey masks which were brilliant!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! See you all next week Little Learners!


12th November 2021

What a fantastic week in Nursery we have had and we have had lots of fun! We have continued our story from last week as we loved the story so much! We created our own witch hats and puppets to retell the “Room on the Broom” story.

As it has been raining this week, we have done lots of activities in the hall from balancing, jumping, throwing, dancing and playing with our pre-school friends.

We have also joined up with pre-school to make our own cakes which were very yummy! We helped weigh each of the ingredients and took it in turns to stir all the cake mixture together.

Nursery have also created some lovely Remembrance Day pictures by using different shape card pieces in red and black.

We hope everyone has had a lovely week and weekend! We cannot wait to see all of you next week in your odd socks!

This week has been fabulous in pre-school, we have explored so many different things! From baking firework cupcakes, having a special visit from Miss Peters and her bugle to celebrate Remembrance Day, to doing P.E. in the hall. We have enjoyed exploring the different areas of learning so much! Pre-school have also enjoyed their sensory tuff tray and we even joined up with Reception for a dance party! The children have shown resilience and perseverance this week throughout their learning and we are very proud of them!

Well done Pre-school, and remember that Monday is odd socks day!


5th November 2021

This week pre-school have enjoyed sharing what they got up to during half term, and have settled back into routine very quickly! We have practised our fantastic mark making in glitter, built creative inventions and talked about Bonfire Night. We have been reading Room on the Broom and have had fun creating spells, making potions and dressing up in our witch hats! Well done for a fantastic first week back pre-school, we can't wait to see you again on Monday for another fabulous week!


We have had a super first week back at nursery.

This week we have been talking about what we have been doing over the half term. The children were excited to tell us about the pumpkins they have been carving and what costumes they wore for Halloween. We have had a potions station at nursery where we have been making lots of "cakes" and "surprises". The children have enjoyed mixing and pouring all the potions. We have also been dressing up as witches and wizards.

As it is fireworks night on the 5th November, the children have been using paint and glitter to make firework pictures. We were using lots of different tools to make different types of fireworks; the swirly ones were our favourite.

Outside this week the children have continued to enjoy climbing and jumping off of the boxes and playing with the preschool children. The children have also been using different types of brushes and tools with water to mark make on the fences and walls.


21st October 2021

This week pre-school have enjoyed exploring the theme of autumn. We can recognise the changes in the seasons and when we have been playing outside on our scooters we have spotted the changing leaves. Also this week, we have been carving and painting pumpkin pictures and playing autumn bingo! We have also practiced our fantastic counting and number formation. We love dancing along to our wake and shake every morning and have been practicing standing on one leg and hopping. Also this week, we have enjoyed exploring different shapes through squashing and squeezing play dough.

At nursery this week we have been exploring the theme of autumn. We have been carving a pumpkin and using our senses to describe how he looks, feels and smells. The children decided to call the pumpkin "Mrs Salad". We have also been using conkers and sticks with paint to make our own pictures, which was very messy but fun! We also went down to the studio, where we had lots of fun equipment to explore. All the children enjoyed climbing, rolling and jumping around. 

We hope you all have a lovely restful half term and can't wait to see you back for pre-school on Tuesday 2nd November!

 15th October 2021

Our Little Learners have had lots of fun this week exploring some of our lovely new resources. We’ve been climbing in and out of our garden tyres and seeing how many friends we could fit into one! The children have been safely exploring jumping from heights using our outdoor crates. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this. Inside our classrooms we’ve been spending time listening to our new focus story ‘Stick Man’, which has inspired a variety of different activities, including leaf rubbing/printing, stick puppet-building and sorting of natural materials. We’ve also had lots of fun playing with playdough, talking about what type of clothing we wear during Autumn and taking part in a cosmic yoga session! Well done for another super week and have a lovely weekend, Little Learners!

 8th October 2021

Wow! What a fun-filled week our Little Learners have had! We’ve been busy decorating our classrooms and making party hats for our official Grand Opening. It was lovely to have our Mummies and Daddies come along to play and decorate a butterfly, ready for our special display.

We’ve also been building owl nests using the natural materials we collected on our Autumn walk to support our learning of our focus story, ‘Owl Babies’. We've have also really enjoyed practising our cutting skills this week. We have also been painting, dancing and learning about each other’s’ families.

The children have been particularly interested in building castles too, so we’ve been talking about different shapes and discussing what part of the castle they could be used for.

In the outdoor area, the children have had fun exploring measure by drawing around each other’s body and comparing who is the tallest! We’ve also been busy practising drawing big and small circles, which will help us with our writing.

Little Learners you’ve all been superstars and we can’t wait for another brilliant week to begin!